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10-04-2012, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
I know it's nothing more than a mere drop in the bucket to the NHL but my CI package is now cancelled and I've got season tickets to watch UAF (local college) this season instead. I also hope to catch a bunch of the local junior A team (Ice Dogs) as well. I'd love to say I'll never go back the NHL...but damn, I hate making myself a liar. At least for this season though, I've tied up my money and fandom elsewhere.

I hope to still be a regular lurker and infrequent poster but just wanted to wish y'all the best on finding local hockey to while the time away. Good luck!
I support you 100%, I'm going to do about the same. I'm going to try to catch a bunch of DU games and hopefully some Cutthroat (CHL) and Eagles (ECHL) games as well. Even if the Avs come back this year I don't plan on giving them any of my money I'd rather give it those other teams at least they deserve it.

As far as I'm concerned the only way the NHL/NHLPA can buy back my loyalty after/if they come back is to start coughing up some free tickets/merchandise to their loyal fans who have to put up this garbage every 7 years.

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