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10-04-2012, 11:28 PM
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The owners signed the deal to get it here, so live with it.

The NHLPA are being ignorant too, but so its the NHL because they signed the deal originally.

But I blame Bettman most of all, it wouldn't even matter if he didnt keep trying to make the NHL succeed in so many stupid places. Everyone would be richer if he just ran the league while only trying to expand little bits at a time instead of throwing all of his biscuits into one basket kind of thing.

What pisses me off most about this, is that 1) they should have been talking about this a year ago, not now and 2) they are only discussing a 5-6 year extension. Give me 10-15 years, because I'm not going to invest any money into the NHL if you're just going to strike again in 5-years.

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