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10-04-2012, 11:02 PM
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Skating Drills

Hey Guys

So, I'm a Goalie, but I'm always looking to go out and play on the ODR as a forward, because it's a great time. Thing is, I'm a subpar skater. I can pretty much do everything on my right foot, which keeps my competent enough in the crease, but when I take the pads off and am just out on the ice I'm really weak as a skater. I'm looking for 3-5 drills that you can recommend that really work on all the fundamentals of skating, not as a goalie but just as a player. It's my last year of hockey for 4-5 years, and I'm not playing at too high of a level, so I'm cool with just trying to become a better skater. It'll help me out in the crease eventually too.

Anyways, yeah, just 3-5 drills I can work on by myself for hours at the outdoor rink that'll help me at least feel like I can fake like I know what I'm doing out there with all my AAA buds who can actually play

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