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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Did it? How can you tell? It seems like something totally unmeasurable except by anecdotal evidence.

There's no way to know that any swing in momentum was caused by a fight or that the outcome came about as a result of the fight.
I think you had to be there. The Pens were down 3-0 in the game. Fleury had let in a couple of soft goals. I don't think the Pens wanted to have to go back home for a Game 7. So Talbot dropped the mitts and Carcillo being the type who reacts first and then thinks later worked right into Talbot's plan. Almost immediately after the fight the game changed in the Pens' favour. They seemed more upbeat and forced the play better. They started to look like the 2009 champs after all. The game went totally the other way to the point where Crosby netted an empty netter to seal it. The momentum shifted right after that fight. This was the first fight I was going to post when seeing this thread.

Another one. It didn't result in a win for the Islanders (almost) but in 1975 when the young Gillies kicked the tar out of Schultz it sort of laid the groundwork that the Flyers could be beaten at their own game. In 1976 Robinson tamed the Broad Street Bullies as well. The Gillies victory was the first crack in the armour for the Flyers.

I also think the bloodbath in March of 1997 between the Red Wings and Avs set a precedent. The Wings were not a rough and tumble team per se, they weren't wimps but they didn't intimidate much. But that night they all rocked the Avs. Every Wing on the ice won their fight. McCarty bloodied Claude. Larionov of all people bloodied Forsberg and Vernon beat Roy. Not to mention Shanahan tackling Roy at center ice. Shanny wasn't there in 1996 when Lemieux hit Draper from behind but he became part of that rivalry very quickly. After that, I had a new found respect for Detroit. The Avs won the Cup in 1996 and looked like they might do it again in 1997 but Detroit just looked like a different and more cohesive team in the playoffs.

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