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05-10-2006, 08:23 AM
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think what Poile/Shero have to determine regarding Witt is whether his propensity for taking penalties correctable or not.

That is, what is the main reason[s] that he is taking all those penalties:

-because he is too slow for the new NHL and does he keep getting beat because of lack of foot speed, leading to hooking and grabbing?
-because of primarily bad habits from playing hook and grab hockey his whole career, and he just hasn't adjusted yet?
-because he takes primarily undisiplined penalties of the retaliatory nature?
-because of his reputation as being borderline dirty at times, does he always lose the benefit of the doubt?
-because of trying too do to he playing a 1st line role, where he is more suited for a 2nd line role?
-because simply he is playing a physical game and that is the nature of a physical defenseman in that you have to accept the propensity for penalties in that type of role?

It is probably a combo of the above.

The next it correctable?

I have no doubt that right from training camp there will be a HUGE emphasis in not taking penalties such as what Lavoilette did in Carolina.....such as the team skating laps in practice for each penalty above 4 in previous game and the individual who took the penalty taking extra laps......basically making everybody more accounatable to everybody else, etc.

The last you think he is a good mentor to our young defensmen?

Those are the questions Poile and Shero should be asking themselves right now.....

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