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Originally Posted by Seventieslord
2008 is more or less McCabe's 2004. Both 2nd team all-stars. McCabe as a two-way player; Campbell more offensive-geared.
I think there was a perception afterwards that McCabe's big PP goal totals we're at least something of a product of Kaberle. Campbell did more on his own I think.

By the way, McCabe was on out short list of "all round #1 defensemen" going into this, so don't think I don't think this is far apart.

Yes, of course he should get credit for doing what he did... which was to be the #3 (#4 in the playoffs) defenseman of a cup winner.

But... why does he go from playing 3.5 more minutes per game than #4 Hjalmarsson in the regular season, to 1.5 fewer in the playoffs? That kind of thing never happened with McCabe.... the opposite was more likely to happen.
Campbell was Chicago's 3rd most important defensman in the playoffs. He carried their puck possession game when Keith wasn't on the ice.

His ice time was cut down because he was coming back from a serious injury.

Yes, and the same can be said for a number of defensemen in that list I posted. And not just Calle Johansson-types who were excellent defensively and not conducive to easy comparisons, but Korab-types who had a McCabeish style.

When you look at that list based on empirical evidence, McCabe comes out pretty darn close to the top and Campbell quite close to the bottom, and that is based just on prime years. It's almost like with Campbell you have to "believe" there's something more than the empirical evidence, but with players of his type it's usually the opposite.
I'm not sure what list you're talking about.

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