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10-05-2012, 12:39 AM
Hawks Offseason WOAT
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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
You have the answer in your post. 10 year wait for season tix. It's a business and it's there to make money. You get to speak with your wallet, so don't go. Price is relative to the individual. What you deem as expensive is not the same as everyone else. You can blame the owner but he didn't set up the rules.

Those other sports may be in Toronto but they take a huge back seat to the Leafs for obvious reasons. Now you can blame the owner for putting out a ****** product, ect. Again, you get to speak with your wallet. You said you attended a game last year so does that put you in the same category as the rest of the "idiot sheep"? You paid what you considered an excessive price for a 300 ticket. Why?
Toronto's just a good example of why, w/ a dedicated fanbase, interest trumps results re audience. The Leafs haven't won big in 45 yrs - and no indication they'll win big any time soon. but they have a huge and obsessed fanbase who will watch the product w/o blinking.

so - it's easy for the leafs to constantly jack up prices...b/c the audience isn't going anywhere.

That doesn't make them "sheep" - in fact, i think there's something to be said about watching a team through good times and bad.

...for all the negative things ppl say about Leafs fans, you'd never accuse anyone of being a "bandwagon" fan

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