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10-05-2012, 01:32 AM
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There's a part of me that hopes this season does get wiped out. Maybe then they can work (Using that term lightly) on a long term solution so we don't have this issue every 6 years. I'll come back when there is Hockey, but right now, I don't care.

I think another reason why I am not that focused on hockey is because of the same reason as 2010, only this year it's a lot more more. In 2010, I really couldn't get into Hockey until at least after November 1st, because of the Giants in the world series. This year it's a lot more with the Giants and A's both in the playoffs, and the 49ers being one of the top teams in the NFL. It's hard to get excited about a sport that feels like it can't sustain itself when there are other sports and big events happening.

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