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10-05-2012, 02:04 AM
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Lots of interesting readings to be had on the Interwebs tonight....

"As an outsider who follows these things I'm really concerned this could be a very long labour-relations battle," said MacDonald. "There are just so many bad things in play. Whenever there are two sides bargaining there are a variety of tactics used. One of them that Don Fehr uses all the time is 'deadline hunting.' That means that you push the deadline to whatever the perceived threshold is and at that time the hope is the other side will significantly capitulate.
"But there's not a deadline yet. What we've had, instead, is this discussion where they're not even using the same framework. One is talking about revenue sharing, the other is talking about a diminished share of growth revenue.
"It's different languages and there's no urgency."

Bettman replied: “We would have been prepared to propose and negotiate over a ‘de-linked’ maximum team salary sooner, but the NHLPA had been consistent in stating that the players would never accept a salary cap. We only learned in the mediation process Sunday that you would entertain such an offer.”

“The players are in a much better situation this time than during the last lockout just because history taught not only us, but them, how to prepare for such a possible scenario,” said Darwin Schandor, who leads Royal Bank’s sports professionals team, which advises hundreds of athletes, coaches and team executives. “I haven’t seen too many of our player clients in a situation of worry or concern as it relates to their affairs.”

"Then there are the players, who do not want to get their butts handed to them, not again. As Damien Cox, the respected columnist for the Toronto Star points out, they got what they wished for when they hired Fehr. As Cox put it, “In attempting to establish a democracy within the NHLPA, an iron-fisted dictatorship has been created.”
The union is a dictatorship run by Fehr, who will not crack. The league is an oligarchy run by rich owners and represented by Bettman, who will not budge."

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