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10-05-2012, 03:21 AM
Rosso Scuderia
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Well, bettman wanted a year ago, NHLPA didn't.

Also, bettman is just the owner's rep. When owners go unanimous in voting for a lockout, blaming bettman just gets old. He does what he's told.
Quite honestly, I don't think talking in the middle of the season would have led to anything. They had plenty of time to discuss in the off-season and at this point, there's really no progress.

The owners and Bettman had one idea in my mind from the start and it was a lock-out. They know no matter what, they would still come out as winners because there's no way the players could keep the 57% of the revenues. So they basically had nothing to lose since they know they would get all that money loss in the lock-out back in the upcoming years, while the players were guaranteed to see their salary reduced and potentially lose 1 year of salary. The biggest losers in the lock-out, except the fans, are the players so the owners will not feel the urgency of saving the season until they get what they want.

Gorges said the players are willing to play and start the season while negotiating.. but there's no way the owners would accept that.

So when I hear Daly and Bettman say that they are sorry for the fans.. that is absolute ******** to me.

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