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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Really. What exactly is that little number the Blackhawks receive from their deals with Comcast & WGN? Let's not forget the NBC deal. Let's also take in to account the advertising on the boards, do you know how much that has jacked up the past couple of years? None of that happens without t.v.
Now, I have no idea what the numbers are, but I did find this;

Which is a couple years old. Now, it is giving numbers to prospective clients that are insane, and might actually have some sort of merit as to why Blackhawk games have been sold out for the last few years while there are many open patches of empty seating here and there.

Now, if these numbers from advertising and NBC deals, and CSN were so great, then why in gods name is Wirtz crying poor? Why is there a lockout? Where does TV fit into this debate when there is a lockout with teams crying poor? If TV actually ment something, then why is all of this happening right now?

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