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05-10-2006, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck
Numerous posts have been devoted to the need to iomprove the Habs through trades. I'm curious to know what fans think is the trading worth of the following three players, the ones who have been mentioned most frequently on this board because they don't seem to fit:

Martin Aebischer
Mike Ribeiro
Richard Zednik

Please try to be realistic.

Feel free to add other candidates for trades, but be realistic about their value as well.
For all of them it's nothing more than picks, prospects or 3rd liners at best.

DAVID Aebisher....Well it all depends on where the other UFA goalies will go. He could be real attractive to TBay if it's their only option, but if not, well it won't be so great. Picks and prospects or 3rd liner Ruutu style....

Ribeiro well I see him having a greater value for teams like Washington, Calgary, desperately seeking #2 center. But nobody that has that will change their teams to accomodate Mikey.

Zednik, I don't know. Probably less than the other two, some team could take a chance by giving him a fresh start. I believe a smaller worth than the others.

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