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10-05-2012, 09:16 AM
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Know none of this will happen but since question is what WE would like...

Call dives penaties (not matching unless rediculous embelleshment, the refs could have on a head set under their helmuts and check with an upstairs official in the video room to help, not only speed up "under review" plays but be on top of things like this throughout play and they can call the penalty on the next stoppage regardless of what happened to stop play, or if same play is going on when they come to a conclusion, raise the arm as a delayed penalty).

Get rid of shootouts. Bring back ties, doesn't matter whether you have OT or not but NO points for OTL's and if it ends in a tie either the teams get ZERO points or subtract points. THAT will make them "go for it" which is what they say they want (and they're not getting from the current format) maybe minus for tie, zero for OTL?


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