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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
2004/5 Lockout gave us shootouts and abolished ties. What exciting new change to the game do you propose to bring in new fans and excite disgruntled ones?

(This thread is for fun even though I think all these things would be cool my serious change to improve the game is wider ice surface but that won't happen. I'd love a new commissioner too but we prob won't get that either.)

Here are some proposals I have to make hockey better:

1. Go to 2 30 minutes halfs so we don't have to sit through 2 intermissions and ice cleanings.

2. Eliminate helmets and shoulder pads so the players are more recognizable and it is more of a skill game.

3. Eliminate face offs just give one team the puck behind their own net to start up play.

4. Make it like lacrosse where one player has to stay in the defensive end at all times and one in the offensive end.

5. Get rid of icing and offsides

6. Go to 4 on 4 instead of 5 on 5.

7. Give a 2 minute minor whenever a fight breaks out to the team of whoever loses. (Would reward teams who have better enforcers.)
not sure if srs

Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
These to speed up the game/create more offense

1. No touch icing
2. Get rid of the trapezoid
3. All penalties must be served in full even if scored on
4. Change delayed offside so that you can still carry the puck into the zone, but the players that were in the zone must clear before getting involved in the play
5. Line changes can only be done on the fly or when in your offensive zone.

Others I'd like to see

6. A set number of game suspensions for suspendable offenses.
7. Allow linesmen to call certain penalties
8. Coaches right to have a play reviewed ( 1 per game )
9. Get rid of the instigator penalty
10. Play 4 on 4 for matching fighting majors
11. Go to a 3-2-1 point system
I like everything except for 3 and 10. I don't think 4 would ever happen and 5 is iffy as well but I like them.

I think 6 is a little too difficult because each should be case by case imo

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