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10-05-2012, 09:55 AM
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The difference is this. Basically they have a pool of your money that they are putting into an interest bearing account once per month as games would be played and are canceled. There are 43 games so if you were paying $100 for your ticket package for each game, each month they'd put that amount times the number of games that month times .85%
So after September there should have been 2 games X 100 X .85% That's $1.70

The next month, by their method they're putting 4 October games x 100 x .85% in your account. That's $3.40. So under straight interest, they've paid $1.70 + $3.40 total for 2 months. But if it's annualized, that means over the course of the year 10.25% should be paid on the games in September so that $1.70 should be paid again. It should be $1.70 (Sept) + $1.70 + $3.40 (Oct). In April, the number of games would equal 43 or $4300 and the interest would continue to accrue on Sept - April with no additions until August when the 12 months is finished.

The difference in what you should be paid over the course of the year for September alone and what you're actually paid is $18.80! (1.70 X 11) (Note--it really does work out but rounding creates a 10 cent difference here)

I have not contacted my rep to make sure that Predfan didn't just have a rep who missed a critical step, yet. But if this is the methodology the Preds are using it's seriously flawed.

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