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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
He is only 27 y/o and it wouldn't be too late for him. But not to take anything away from what he is doing this year, I've seen him alot in the All-Swedish League (2nd tier league) and he has never impressed me from a NHL-prospect point of view. He is in a perfect position for him this year in Linköping. He really isn't that great when he is asked to take more responsibility.

He is from thoose generation of Swedish forwards (say 81'-85') of which only really Louie Eriksson and Alex Steen has made it (Stahlberg is more of a NA product). While there is nothing wrong with those two that did made it, the rest were just not good. These guys were just very passive/sit-back type of forwards as a norm.

Sweden had kind of a revolution around when Rönnberg were kicked of the WJC team and Mårts took over (in 2007). Just take a name out of a hat of a young Swedish forward nowadays and odds are that terms like "great intensity"/"always takes the puck to the net with speed"/"covers alot of ice"/"modern" will fit that player. If I am to pick one word to describe all decent Swedish forwards born between 81-85, "anxiety" is probably the word that fits them all the best. React instead of act. And so forth. Its amazing really if you look at a tape from like the WJC's in 02' or 03' or 04' and compare it with a WJCs form 08'-11'. We could easily play 60 minutes back then without one decent attack all night. Now on a shift by shift basis players are creative with the puck and takes it to the net.
Torgny Bendelin was the coach prior to Mårts, Rönnberg is the current coach..

Originally Posted by Piodale View Post
Semi long story on a Danish news site today

Link obviously in Danish.

I wont translate it all, but the main point is that Spelling is unhappy with only having dressed once so far this season for Rögles best team, having to settle for junior hockey the rest of the way.

"It is as if the coach doesnt believe in me, and I never really get any feedback other than being told that "things are going in the right direction". But he never really speaks to me, unless I come to him first".

The story goes on to say that Rögle hasnt had so many injuries yet this season, which otherwise could be Spellings way into the team.

Spelling had hoped to play in their last game due to another player getting injured, but he also says he understand why he wasnt picked:

"I dont know if it would have been an optimal situation if I had to go into the 4th line getting only a few minutes of playing time and not doing anything but dumping the puck into the corners. That probably doesnt play to my strenghts/playing style".

Spelling will probably miss Denmarks Olympic qualifiers if he doesnt get matched at a higher level than Juniors in Sweden.

"I dont regret leaving Herning (his Danish club), but perhaps I should have gone to a club where playing time had been easier to come by."

He does believe that he might be playing at a higher level relatively soon, as he has spoken to Rögle about being loaned out to an Allsvenskan (Level below the Elite League) club, and he hopes that the move will go through within a couple of weeks.
Depends what they promised him. Not many junior players get a lot of ice time in the SEL. Only eight junior players in the league average over 10 mins/game, and most of those are blue chip prospects like Klefbom, Karlsson, Jensen and Lindholm.

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