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10-05-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
Here's the thing that really annoys me: the owners have gone the lockout route three times now and the previous two times they signed off on a new deal believing it would solve all their financial problems. So they obviously have no freaking idea how to come up with a viable economic model. Every single time the labor deal ended the past three times they have to go back with their hands out to the players because they have no idea what it will take to make their league successful.

If they can't figure out how to run their business I honestly don't give a crap. Keep locking the players out and eroding interest in the game and then wonder why so many of your franchises completely suck ass and so few people follow and support the sport.
Because the owners can perfectly predict how the league is going to work financially years down the road and plan for every possible pitfall in the American and Canadian economy, player contracts, and fan demand.

Both sides are at fault, here. It's not just on the owners.

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