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Originally Posted by BobDobolina View Post
And what makes those people automatically assume he would have developed into some kind of monster in Russia? Do you guys ever stop to ask yourselves why do so many talented Russians leave for the CHL even though the so called experts back home advise otherwise?
Each case is special, I'm talking about Grigorenko. Would he develop better now in a professional league? Absolutely. Whether it's Russia or AHL, it's quiet obvious he's ready for more.

BTW, what's the ratio of players staying to those leaving, like 100:1? 200:1?

Not only do we stop to ask ourselves, a Jr league was created, and an AHL alernative was created. Players are given more and more lucrative options to stay home and develop without radically having to change their lives just to play hockey. It's not going unnoticed, if that's what you're implying.

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