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10-05-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
That's one of the biggest reasons I can't say Huntington has a done good job. The Orioles have picked almost directly behind the Pirates each of those years and their players are having an impact for a playoff team that plays in the hardest division in baseball. Bundy was a high school pick and made the majors a year later. Machado was a high school pick and is already starting for a playoff team. The O's were as a bad as franchise as the Pirates the last 15 years yet their new GM didn't need 5 years to only improve the depth of the system and make the team go from terrible to bad.

If you do things right, it shouldn't take 5 years to show moderate improvement.
I do hold some restraint though as the pirates and orioles arent entirely similar. Orioles have a larger market and a larger internal budget to work with. Those things couldve lead to the willingness to bringing players up sooner. Pirates are operating around a 30 million dollar budget and taking a future star pitcher and starting to eat into his MLB service time while he's still largely unaffective is not very efficient. I can sort of see how Huntington might be more hamstrung than normal GM's. It drives me nuts because if MLB had a hard cap and thus a hard salary floor the floor would probably be something like 75mill or so. Pirates are just so far below that floor that it's almost impossible to compete because you're doing everything on the cheap including developing your own prospects.

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