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10-05-2012, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Tkachuk4MVP View Post
For all of the crap that the PA is getting for not offering a counterproposal, there's something to be said for the hardline stance that they are taking. If the owners really have no qualms about locking the league out twice in this short of a span (and in the midst of record-breaking revenues), then there has to be legitimate concern that they will do the exact same thing when the next CBA expires.
The players are right to not make another offer. Here's been my interpretation of the negotiations:

Players are under contract at $53
League says: $20
Players say: How about $50?
League says: $20
Players say: How about $49?
League says: $20

If you were negotiating, would you keep making offers if you're the players? Owners haven't been negotiating in good faith, so I don't expect the players to make another offer anytime soon.

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