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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
And somehow you think he'll be playing in a professinal league in Russia? If he stayed he's either playing miniscule minutes on his KHL team while being scratched half the time, or playing for his MHL team, which I'm not sure how anyone coul argue is better for his development than the CHL.
No, he would probably be playing a significant role in KHL by now, like Yakupov. At worst, he would be in VHL, also playing with adults. Like Gusev is.

CSKA is a special case, actually- they sucked at keeping their guys when they were tight for money and old management. So in that case, CHL is actually WAS a valid option, I'll agree. But things have changed and now it's far from perfect for Grigs.

My point still stands, he is stuck right now. I think when lockout ends he'll get a good shot at NHL.

And this whole, minimum minutes in KHL is ********. They are still with pros, they do their time and earn their respect. They develop in practices. Everyone started there, including Malkin and Kuznetsov and Tarasenko and Bure and Fedorov. It's not normal for NA, but it's normal for Russia.

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