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05-10-2006, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie
theo played well if he was making 2 million a year.sure he made some keys saves but its the weak ones he let in that make his preformance all for nothing

specially lupuls goals should have been stoppable for a 5 million dollar man

he still let in 4 goals which is the norm now adays for him

remember his pay check says he is a elite goalie .... close to flawless again his preformace although better was still just over average to good at the end

beat on a slow deflected shot 5 hole ? come on . i know its a deflection what have you, but that hole should have been closed regardless of the deflection . the puck was goin 10 miles a hour

notice where lupul blew them by theo ? top shelf
and it looked like theo was a day late tryin to make the save
those goals should have been saves ....

when the west conference gets one full year on him you watch how they all figure him out

shoot high and your goona score

breezzy on the other hand wow .. just wow.... if he starts getting boo'ed in colorado then what?
I know what you mean but at one point, I don't care if he makes 10 millions of 450 000$. It's the total for the team that counts, if because him and his salary they can't upgrade their team well sure they got screwed, mainly if he begins slumping again. But if he's as good and they are able to get some d-men and some better players at 2 millions instead of their usual 5 and 6 millions like Blake and all, well they could end up being a contender again. They just need to replace Breezer, Skrastins and Sauer, have a couple more snipers up front, don't forget Svatos will be back, Wolski will be 1 year older. I mean they just need to add some grit that can actually play hockey and they'll be good.

I believe a save is a save and Huet, even though he made only 450 000$ should've made the Brind'Amour save as well as the Stillman. But there goes another problem, did the fans acclaimed him at the end because he did have a great run while making only 450 000$. What will happened if he gives those kinds of goal at 2.5. Will it then become more problematic???

In the end, I can await the time when we'll stop talking about him, probably if we can get a great return for Aebi it will help swallow the pill but in the meantime he's playing, we're not, good for him. We got screwed by him but the good news is he's not playing for us anymore, let the AVS deal with that.

Let's take care of Habs business now.....

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