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Originally Posted by Hoogaar23 View Post
I was obviously VERY wrong last year (before Fehr was brought in by the NHLPA) - someone voiced some concern about the soon to expire CBA and I kinda mocked them.

The last time around it was win or lose. Cap or no cap. There was no way to come out of that without one side being the clear loser and the other being the clear winner. The owners won. But now that the cap was in place, surely they can tweak whatever needs to be tweaked and there shouldn't be any worry about any kind of work stoppage.

Ooooh boy - was I wrong. Basically the minute NHLPA hired Fehr, I immediately became concerned.

This is a battle of egos - Fehr and Bettman, and neither wants to lose. What they fail to realize is that there are solutions out there where they can both win and lose - there's no need for a total victory for either side. Let the players keep their $1.87B, and freeze it there until that number gets to whatever the magic number is - 49-51%?

I don't know - with so much on the line, I don't understand why they are not just locked in a room and forced to come to some kind of agreement.

I voted canceled season.
Fehr has been around for ore than a year.
Fehr is not the problem, the players who chose to fire Paul Kelly (who was working pro-actively with the NHL to fix loopholes and get ready for formal negotiations, and had one of the closest working relationships with the league in NHL history, and has a reputation of being an extremely honest and open worker -who busted Eagleson FFS!!!) and replace him with Fehr (who didnt communicate at all with the league other than shutting down motions like league re-allignment).

As much as i think Fehr is a con-man, and is of the same ilk as Goodenow (Goodenow was in constant communication with Fehr in 1994 and 2004-05), its the players that ultimately made the choice to fire the esteemed Kelly and go in this direction.

If you havent noticed...players are quite dumb and it wouldnt surprise me if they still feel "bullied" into taking a deal (awww poor Iggy).

Then again. You would think that if the Union truly believes revenues will increase 7% that they would be running up to negotiate a few concessions and sign the NHL offer -which costs them about what the announcement yesterday cost them. If revenues dont increase at all the players would be sacrificing approx. just short of 2 paychecks this year for the corrections. Once those two paychecks are cancelled it looks really stupid on the players to sign a deal... but then again these are the guys playing for 70% less in germany and other leagues.

----- I vote Bettman uses replacement players and breaks the union. Or he takes a year impasse and uses it to re-organize the league into a central contracting business (league decides all values). The latter decision works the best for the league and would absolutely destroy the power of players and agents.

Above all the agents are to blame for all of this. The players should just negotiate on the NHL offer and play some NHL hockey but the agents control these dummies. The only ones not sacrificing anything...and that a win would truly help... are the agents and Fehr.
If I am Bettman i see Fehr's strike history and take this opportunity to completely destroy the PA; Re-organize the NHL, centrally command all contracts, get rid of the cap (since every contract is league negotiated) and now you can pay 40% or 35% of revs - just enough to beat external competition like the crippled KHL.
Players should be negotiating... it just makes re-organization that much easier that they have avoided proper negotiation.

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