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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
If that's what you consider "busted".....

So your point is by the same stage they tended to have 20 or less more NHL games played than Kadri?

To summarize, as stated, Kadri is falling right within the norm for the range he is selected in.

Define "successful".

Like the rest, he's played a handful more NHL games than Kadri at the same stage and had lower production (despite being picked higher). Holding him up as an example against someone who has posted nearly identical everything is just humourous.

Sure it's "beneficial". What it is not is normal.
By having a late birthday, Kadri is actually a year ahead as far as development. So his ELC started earlier and hence you would expect him to make the NHL sooner. In 10-11 Kadri was burning an ELC either way so he would obviously be in a more likely position to get a call up than Schenn who still had a year of Junior eligibility and hence his team would be more likely to preserve a year of his ELC. The difference is Kadri has played 92 regular season AHL games whereas Schenn has played 14 (with 7 coming after his last season of Juniors ended). Schenn made the Flyers, a strong playoff team last year and carved out a solid role for himself in the first year of his ELC. Kadri on his first two years has failed to secure a role for himself on the Leafs despite prolonged opportunities to prove himself. You call it "bringing him in slowly" but clearly they called him up to see what he had and he wasn't able to maintain a spot for himself. Just looking at points doesn't tell the full story but even then I'll take Schenn's production in the NHL playoffs at about the same rate as Kadri's AHL Playoff production any day of the week.

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