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10-05-2012, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by doobie604 View Post
should always add more skill. i would say our team was better than boston if everybody stayed healthy. by adding more skill through out the lineup would counter act the grinding teams that are out there now. unless we change the whole team and have a Getzlaf and Perry instead of Dank and Hank. this change MG is making is the incorrect one imo. now we're playing catch up with all the other teams that have been stocking big gritty players for years, and to play the same game as boston, la of the world, we need big tough skilled 1st line players, and that's not our game. what's the point of having tough 3rd and 4th line when we can't be better or match those teams. it's like a game of rock paper scissor. if other team is rock, we go paper, we can try to be a bigger rock, but it's a lot tougher when they already have the biggest rock out there.
The team isn't going rock, it's going sandpaper. I'd say more big bodies in our lineup makes it harder for other teams and opens up room for the Sedins.

You have to realize that refs are calling games differently then even a few years ago and as a result it's taken a lot of the skill advantage out of the playoffs. Ever since that Chicago/Philly final the NHL has let more and more go in the playoffs to the point where the most skilled teams are lucky to make the conference semi's. It's sad because after 06-07 the league looked like it was actually making steps in the right direction. There was some really good hockey played between 2007-2010 but it has slowly creeped back towards trap/clutch and grab hockey. Since the NHL has lots of free time on it's hands maybe they should find real solutions that will allow skill to thrive.

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