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10-05-2012, 01:01 PM
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Lots of people now popping up with the argument that Bettman shouldn't be blamed for what the owners want him to do/say. Which is true enough I suppose, but Bettman did negotiate/field the TV offers and got a pretty crappy deal. One of the major reasons why NHL is what it is, that TV contract sucks. Despite it's laundry list of faults, losing ESPN sucks. Having your games and playoff games on VS (...or NBC Network, whatever it's called now) sucks. NHL let it's pride get ahead of itself there, should've just given in to ESPN. Would've been more money in the long run, iirc, the contract offer was pretty fair also.

Now if the lockout passes 1/13/13, NBC can terminate the contract iirc.

This might actually work in the best interest of the NHL. BOG can use it as a means to remove Bettman (loss of contract) and NHL's new commish can negotiate a real contract. Lots of things would have to happen for this to take place, but it's certainly possible.

As I've said all along: Simply put, NFL prints money and the players took a cut. NBA is worth more than the NHL and the players took a cut. What makes NHLPA think they will be different?

Don Fehr is a great negotiator. I wouldn't want him negotiating my release if I ever got taken hostage. He'd "win" sure, but I'll be missing an arm and a leg by the time he does.

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