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10-05-2012, 01:27 PM
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I saw around 10 games from him last season. Here are some impressions that I got:

+ Very eager to score goals. Always looking for open space to shoot and likes to shoot quickly when he gets the puck. Has a goal scorer's mentality.
+ Very hard-working player.
+ Doesn't shy from contact despite his size. If he gets knocked down, he's back up in half a second and ready to fight for the puck again. Really looks like a fearless player.

- Size, but that's natural when you enter the league at 16. I think he's listed at 5'10 and 152 pounds(!), so he has a lot of muscle to build up. But it's probably better to wait a bit and develop strength a bit later so you don't lose mobility.

I don't really remember his playmaking abilities.

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