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10-05-2012, 01:30 PM
marcel snapshot
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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
Or, rather, they never signed for a set amount, but rather a set amount +/- some %.
I don't disagree with anything in your post and in a reasonable, non-toxic negotiation those points would drive the parties into the deal zone.

The problem here IMO is that the initial rollback proposal made by the owners went way outside the boundaries of the +/- some % expectations the players have had over the years, and brought back memories of the 04-05 "we'll take your 24% rollback proposal and tack it onto our salary cap" ruse that Bettman pulled back then.

You always fight the last war, and the lesson of the 04-05 war for the players was don't be the first one to make a reasonable offer. The owners sort of reinforced that lesson with their initial offer.

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