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05-10-2006, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie
just remember this when your comparing huet to theo ....

lets give huet the same amount of games played as theo them lets talk .

can forget huet is still really a "roookie" in the sence he has only played in 89 nhl games .

theo has played 358 games

ill give huet the benifit of the doubt that with some more playing time in net and some more time with roland meleason he will only get better...
Was not comparing them veterans vs rookie but mainly money for money. I would take Brodeur on my team anytime, but the way he's handling things in this second round so far, he doesn't deserve the money he got. Should he be booed on his way know the answer.

As far as Theo is concerned, the way I hear this is that there's no way he'll ever win. If he plays good, well he's not great, yesterday was stunning for me but again some say he's responsable for the loss. Come on, we might beat this AVS team without even trying....

I sure want us to not look bad again and getting rid of that fat contract is a tremendous way of not looking bad, but at the same I'd wished we had received more but it's not over we might be able to land something for Aebi.....

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