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05-10-2006, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck
I don't think Aebischer would bring in a first round draft choice right now. He might as next season's trading deadline approaches. He probably has a higher trading value than Ribeiro or Zednik.

Zednik's value has declined over a year ago because he had a poor season and he's one year away from free agency. However, if he remains with the Habs (better than buying him out and taking a cap hit), he might duplicate his 2003-04 season by scoring 26 goals. It's not impossible. In that case, Gainey might let him play out the season with the Habs, then cut him loose as he's doing with Bulis.

Ribeiro doesn't have high trade value because he's difficult to fit into the lineups of most teams. In a way his situation reminds me of Yannic Perreault, although they two of them aren't similar on the ice.

I can't conceive of an NHL team that would want all three as a package. Maybe something could be worked out if the trading partner would be able to dump some unwanted personnel on the Habs in the deal. It would be like two neighbors putting furniture on the curb for collection and each taking the other's discards because one could use a lamp and the other an end table. Gainey might consider that if he could get even one player who fills a specific need, or else a draft choice, in the package.
Is Aebi UFA next season??? If so, I don't think his value is higher than Roloson's and will permit us to have a 1st rounder next year. I believe it's easier this year 'cause he had a good year nonetheless, hoping those 2 wins against Ottawa (A or B team) have opened some eyes. And with the fact that he still has a whole year before testing the market should help us getting a 1st rounder. And knowing that after the first 10, this year is not known as being as great as 2003 for example and if I'm not mistaken, 2007 is suppose to be much better so 1st rounders won't be so available....

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