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Kenny Jonsson isn't getting drafted for what he did on the 1998 Islanders. Based on his NHL career alone (which is apparently all that matters when it comes to Mark Streit, haha), he'd be lucky to be drafted in the AAA. For whatever reason, he exploded after leaving the NHL.

“the big defensemen study” from late in this year’s ATD.

It ranks a number of similar modern defensemen by their adjusted prime ice time weighed with the strength of the teams that gave them all this ice time. It also provides some other numbers for consideration that don’t affect the order in which it’s lists. Campbell looks pretty mediocre on it. Basically when you look at McCabe on there, there’s a feeling of “yeah, what makes him significantly worse than Ramage? Or at least Korab, and Jovanovski. And certainly Zhitnik, Kubina, Hamrlik and Aucoin.” But Campbell’s way down the list, not too far ahead of others I’ve appropriately criticized for not being typically utilized heavily by strong teams, like Persson and Visnovsky.

Ultimately, It’s shorthand, yes, but I get the sense that the numbers can only lie to us to a certain degree. Are they lying enough that there are other subjective factors to be weighed in that would put Campbell ahead?
The study includes Campbell's average minutes and role from 2003-2012. We all know that he was a bit player before the lockout. I think he's had a large enough sample size since to know how good he is now. I always look at a player's prime and really don't care that much what he did before or after, so long as the prime is long enough.

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