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10-05-2012, 03:18 PM
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Adz works with figures and she came up with the exact figures using that ^^^ method that my rep was quoting me.

I had to look at it a different way to make sense of it, and the figures are the same.

here is what they said in their email.
" you will receive credit up to the amount paid on your account equal to the dollar value of tickets for games cancelled and not rescheduled, plus 10.25% bonus credit (on an annualized basis) on those cancelled games. "

so, credit for the amount of your ticket of the game that was cancelled... check I get that...

then 10.25% bonus credit on cancelled games...... this is where I made my incorrectt assumption..... They are only paying 10.25% (annualized) on that one ticket for that one game...once. A one time credit for that missed game...... it is not carried forward at all...

they are not paying interest on your money, they are paying a one time bonus credit on that ticket for that missed game.

so in Adz example for Sept game..... (and if the cba isn't signed for a year)

2 games x $100 x10.25% divided by 12 = $1.70

so basically they are just paying a pittance on that one ticket......

Technically, that is the way the email read, and that is what they are doing. It is just extremely confusing and misleading...

Do I think they are cheating on purpose? No.. But I think they have a horrid method of communicating. And I think it was clear as mud.

So some of those teams that are only paying 3%........ some of the blogs say it is on the $ that people have in their account.. Are they right? Who knows....

I think it will hurt the franchise for people to say "pull my money , I'm mad and this is how I am going to make my feelings known." We all know how tight it is financially for this franchise .... And it doesn't hurt the NHL or the players.... it just hurts the Preds.
Now, people that say, I need that money and I need to make the best financial decision for my family, I totally get.

I'm leaving it. I know I'll be watching Nashville Predators hockey as long as I am able to get to the arena.

But does it irritate me that Weber is sitting there laughing with his $13 mill in the bank while I am worried about interest.... pretty much...
And do I think Fehr is collecting his salary, hell yeah.... or else, "wink, wink" we make it up when the lockout ends....

this is what happens when you have men swinging their "xxxxx" on the table and saying mine is bigger than yours.

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