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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
I watched Jersey Shore once. It was terrible. I hear Snooki is actually pretty smart though. Can't blame the actors for wanting to get their 15 minutes and make some money though. It's a horrible show but good on them for making a living.

MTV is completely to blame. They took something as good as music and degraded it to what it is today. Instead of hearing what Dave Grohl and other actual musicians have going on, I have auto-tuned ******** from people that can't sing but look good. Katy Perry is one of the most decorated musicians today and she's really not that great at singing, but millions of American males want to get in her pants and that's why she sells. She doesn't have anything real important to say, neither does Taylor Swift even though I actually find her music appealing. Music used to be a release. They played good songs on the radio instead of some **** played by someone that is aesthetically pleasing.

Music hit a peak a long time ago and has trailed off into obscurity. People have to search in the dark by themselves to find good music because radio stations refuse to play it, and prefer to play something by somebody who has nice breasts. For this reason, **** music videos.
Garbage in - Garbage out. If you're too lazy to seek out good music, you probably shouldn't complain when you don't find good music. I don't really understand why anyone who is enthusiastic about music would even pay attention to commercial radio or music TV. It's like a die-hard hockey enthusiast looking to The Vancouver Sun sports section or Don Cherry for insightful analysis, or if someone were to watch the X Games to keep up to date with the BMX world.

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