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10-05-2012, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by gillesgilbert View Post
Have fun,guys!! I haven't played hockey in a couple of years[although this year I am going to go adult skating once a week] but if I was close I would play. I assume the game is very uncompetitive given it seems a number of members attending don't play regularly.For the guys who don't play regularly aren't you a little concerned about risking injury? I would be leery about playing a game of hockey unless I was adequately prepared physically.
The risk of injury only makes the game so much more fun!

The games are competitive in their own way. There are various levels of abilities, for sure, but everyone is into the game and is trying to do their best, so there are plenty of fast plays to go along with the lesser plays. As for injury--if you are wearing full pads and a cage/shield, you aren't very likely to get hurt. There's no checking, but there are slap shots, and pucks can deflect, you can fall awkwardly, etc, so that doesn't mean you are immune to tweaking something (especially at some of our advanced ages! ).

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