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10-05-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
How so? Wirtz ran this team brilliantly. How is making people pay for services that he provided, the Blackhawks, instead of giving it away for free with free television not something to be impressed by? He made people pay money to enjoy this team and didnt stray from that model until his death. Wirtz knew that the audience for hockey in Chicago is limited. Limited to the point that in a town with iconic teams such as the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs, there wasnt enough money to go around, and thats a flagship, original six team owner for such forthsite. He was right on the money considering the television ratings for the Hawks are putrid and there isnt anything thats making people turn the channel. He knew this.
He made a very limited number of people pay money, and as a result the Blackhawks were near-constantly deep in the red according to essentially every report that's even been done of the old regime.

And what are you talking about? Hawks averaged over 100,000 viewers for their local broadcasts last year, which was good for second in the league when it comes to local television ratings in the United States ( and, guess what, it draws more fans in and helps drive ticket prices up, making more money for the team.

McD "implemented" televising home games only because making feeble amounts of revenue with low rung advertisment was better then recieveing no money while die hards watched games on internet streams for free. And I highly doubt Bill lost a dime of money while using his business model while here you have Rocky, who put home games on TV mind you, crying poor. "Growing Revenue"? First find people who actually want to learn and understand hockey then throw blame on a person who actually understood this market better then the common fan.

Ratings say nobody cares about the Hawks. Now, if this was the Bears.......
So.... even if the Hawks got bad ratings, which they don't, you admit that getting a little would be better than getting nothing and yet you still think that Bill was right to take nothing and Rocky was wrong to take something?

Um.... what?

TV ratings are big, attendance is up in a huge way, ticket prices have increased, merchandise sales are almost assuredly also up, the parent company is no longer throwing millions upon millions of dollars at the team to keep them afloat, and yet.... somehow you're claiming that Dollar Bill ran the team better?

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