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12-06-2003, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Rodent
BTW - I used to be known as "The Hockey Doctor" or just "THD", not "Hockey Rodent". I was given the nickname because I wrote up articles with diagrams describing Sundstrom's and Kovalev's ligament operations many years ago - it was during Troll Boy's first stint as a Ranger. But in 1998, I was bitten by a squirrel on the golf course and two weeks later, when the full moon rose, I began growing long incisors and a bushy tail.

Kovie's surgery was in 96 right? I remember him playing half the season that year and then tore his knee up behind the goal at a home game. As for your nick....well that one way to get a name. I guess as good as any but damn your golf game must really suck to be having to hit balls out of trees like that....

Kidding aside, I don't think I've ever met a meteorologist If you're located in the northeast, I bet you were busy today.
I'm in Bawston (we're presently getting nailed) and not only did I just get back from work but I forecast for the Northeast and lets just say the last few days were less then pretty. I never knew the guys in charge of all our power,electric and roads were really that stupid. Of course that explains the black out...

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