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10-05-2012, 03:06 PM
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I actually agree with a lot of the players' demands (namely the increased revenue sharing and more stable cost certainty), but they don't seem to be negotiating in good faith at all. They haven't updated their proposal at all. They stalled the negotiations for months, then finally made their first offer on August 14th (just barely a month before the league was set to lock out the players). The league adjusted it's initial offer. The players responded by making the same offer they started with. The league adjusted it's offer again. The players responded by once again giving the same offer they started with.

It's a joke. This has clearly been Fehr and the unions strategy the whole time. For as much flak as the owners got for making a ludicrous opening proposal, I don't see why the players aren't catching **** for refusing to negotiate at all. Sure, they'll sit down at the table with the league, but they haven't bothered to attempt to reconcile their issues with the league. They're simply waiting until the league caves and offers them something sweet enough to accept.

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