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10-05-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
What in your post is news to anyone that lives in Chicago? Can you read? I never asked a question as to why the lockout is not being covered by the national media. Please find a quote that indicates that. You throw in other topics to avoid the ones you back yourself in to a corner on. In three posts you still have yet to answer my initial question. Do NHL fans care more or less about the lockout than fans of other sports? It has absolutely nothing to do with media coverage in the U.S.

What exactly did you mean then when you said:

"What sucks is nobody seems to care except hard core fans. When the NFL was at this point last year there was external pressure in the U.S. to get a deal done, Obama even spoke out. I wish the government would threaten them with anit-trust to get both sides moving."

And I guess you technically didn't ask, but you said this:

"The NBA got far more coverage in the U.S. in regards to the lockout. A decent amount of the population doesn't even know there is a lockout in the NHL."

Again, it doesn't matter how much NHL fans care about this in terms of Obama speaking out, external pressure in the US or anything else that you think should or wish would happen. It only matters if it's a big enough interest to enough people and it's not.

I never said that NHL fans weren't as gripped about this as NFL fans were about theirs. I said that the general sports watching/following public was actually concerned and upset about the NFL lockout, hence the coverage, Obama, etc. The general sports watching/following public obviously doesn't care about the NHL lockout, hence the absence of coverage, lack of Obama getting involved, etc.

Niche sport.

Keep pointing out how I'm wrong or double talking or backing into a corner though. My point has not wavered.

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