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Originally Posted by GM17 View Post
Happy to announce that after United lost to that crap Tottenham team I'll be supporting Everton. The best team in Liverpool.

Oh, please. To Everton supporters, the biggest cause for joy is finishing higher than Liverpool in the table.

In all seriousness, now...

To add my piece to the whole discussion on the last page, I don't even dislike Everton outside of when Liverpool's playing them. Both clubs are an extreme source of pride for the city of Liverpool, and there's no real off-pitch nonsense that leads to certain fans rooting for one club over the other, e.g. Celtic and Rangers supporters largely being Catholic and Protestant, respectively

If anything, it's Manchester United who I hate with a burning passion, and if you go to England, you'll find a mutual contempt for the city of Manchester as a whole among supporters of both Liverpool and Everton.

Back in the day, when both Liverpool and Everton were perennial powerhouses and would meet in the semi-finals or final of a Cup tourney, it was extremely common to see supporters of both teams sitting together, and they would all partake in chants of "Merseyside, Merseyside!" and "Are You Watching, Manchester?"

Even to this very day...

Manchester United is by far Liverpool's most hated rival, and Everton is a close second only on the pitch. Off the pitch, Liverpool and Everton supporters coexist quite peacefully.

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