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Originally Posted by EvanOberg View Post
How the hell does Bettman still have that job? 3 lockouts under his watch and hes still the Commish? Can Bettman be fired and if he can by who? Is there a board who could make this decision? Do it now !
Bettman has been around longer than a significant portion of the current owners. There has to be an aspect of Bettman telling the owners how it's going to be.

Philadelphia: Ed Snyder
Boston: Jeremy Jacobs
Detroit: Mike Ilitch

have been in charge of their NHL team since before 2/1/94.

I won't count Chicago, because although the team has remained in the Wirtz family, Rocky compared to his dad is a drastic change in philosophy.

I also wouldn't count Calgary, since Hotchkiss died, although the team has stayed in the same ownership group.

3 ****ing owners have been around longer than Bettman.

Ilitch would probably be the one of those three who could possibly be swayed to replace the commissioner, and that would carry tremendous influence, although Jacobs is Chairman of the Board of Govenors, and Bettman's favoritism towards the Bruins may not be blatantly transparent enough to offend him.

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