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05-10-2006, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by AH
It's been a week now since the team got eliminated and we have had oh so many threads and discussions on next year. The one thing that sticks out at me is the overly eager desire by many to deal Aebischer AFTER we sign Huet. I may be in the minority here but I feel that we should let Huet walk and go with Abby for next season.

The upside with DA is far greater than whatever favourable contract arrangement we could get into with Huet. Here is my case.

1) First off, DA is more proven and talented than Huet. I like Huet the person a lot, but after watching the athleticism of guys like Miller, Brodeur, and Ward in the second round, I just can't see how Huet can ever be successful over the long term. His flawed technique and lack of skill for the position makes him prone to goofy goals in a seven game series. He will be picked apart far easier by the opponent than someone with better technique.

2) Second, DA and Huet are pretty much mid-level starters. Huet will be looking for long term money, while Aebischer will be a one year contract going into unrestricted free agency in the summer of 2007. With guys like Luongo and Giguere headed for free agency next summer as well, we owe it to look at these guys. Much like the Dallas teams of the late 90s, BG can add the goaltender as the last piece of the puzzle (like he did with Belfour).

3) Third, with next season being DA's contract year, we can expect big things from him. He will be looking for a long term, big money deal from somewhere and it's always beneficial to have some guys on your roster who are in that position.

4) Fourth, the last two times a goalie held a gun to the organization's head regarding a contract, the goalie went into the tank the following season. I know it was Theo, and Huet seems to be more of an honourable person the Theodork, but still... His lack of track record makes and after watching him in the playoffs, I look at him more as a Steve Penney than a Mikka Kiprussoff. Once again, it's Huet's lack of pure skill for the position that has me worried and thinking that way.

Obviously, in a cap world , it's manoevering through these types of decisions that will ultimately determine a team's success. Some people around here seem to think that Huet is the better goalie, but he is not.
100% agree with you DA have a better upside then Huet. I doubt on the capacity of Huet to steal a game ( like miller has done at ottawa)
in game 2)

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