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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Dunno. Take Super 8 for example, movie by jj abrams. bunch of unknow actors, grossed in 5x the intital budget.
5X is a relative amount (if I spend $10 dollars making a film with some friends, and sell 10 DVDs for $5/each... success?!), and you're almost implying that the actors aren't talented because they're unknown. After the first wave of people went to see it, why did the rest?

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
People go see movies for other reasons then just actors (special effects, marketing strategies, directors, studios, movie 'genre'). And what makes a movie profitable is not the talent level of actors. if no, 99% of blockbusters would not be profitable, because all the 'talent' is usually observed in foreign and independent cinema, theater, etc.

Most teams would fold in no time if they had replacment players come in. The importance of the "actors" in hockey is x100 more valuable to it's industry then the movie industry, IMO.
You're right. Talent is only one aspect of entertainment. And I doubt there's any way to sufficiently argue the importance of one vs the other to their respective fields. Does Hollywood have even half of its appeal without connection to names like Eastwood, Cruise, Jolie, Diaz, DiCaprio, etc? If replacement players played for 1/10th of the salaries, and were at least half as entertaining, I'm sure there's a business model that can be built around that which makes more than enough money - and probably molests the fan's wallet a lot less... for a while anyway. If it was the highest level of "pro" hockey that anyone could watch/attend in North America (even by "default"), it's hardly starting on a weak foot. Production value also plays a part in Hollywood's ability to draw viewers, but I'd argue that right there is yet another similarity in the analogy. Look what internet production has done for the spread of hockey.

I'm not suggesting or even lobbying for replacement players, but rather just continuing the argument, lol.

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