Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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10-05-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by v00d00daddy View Post
You guys may wanna check out the fan590's Hockey Central at Noon later today when they upload today's interviews.

Interesting one with Adrian Dater. Lots of talk about Duchene and the possible reasons why he was passed over for captain, in favour of Landeskog.

Implies that Duchene has an ego and that he and Sacco have not gotten along.

Might be old hat for you guys but it was news to me. Surprised to hear him talk that way about Duchene
So glad someone brought this up. I haven't really lurked on here much recently but needed to comment. I listen to their podcast every day on the way home from work to kill time. Dater is a donkey. I could not believe what he said. Completely threw Duchene under the bus for NO reason (Duchene is not a leader, but to say he is not liked by the team???), insensitively commented on the Lokomotiv crash and how Varlamov could stay over there, AND (last but not least) diverted the "Landeskog is the youngest captain" conversation to "OMG Landeskog took the team away from O'Reilly blahblahblah".

I have lost respect for Dater. Cannot believe he said what he said. The three guys even were pretty shocked and hinted they never want him back on (please tell me they weren't kidding, lol). Duchene better give Dater crap and the team better give him the boot. My god.

Duchene is enthusiastic. He is playing for his childhood team. He is almost too excited to be THE leader. Dater completely ripped Duchene. ...does Dater think before he speaks? Does he realize what he is saying? His phrasing is awful. ...he makes the team look so bad.

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