Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Sebastian Collberg - 33rd overall
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10-05-2012, 05:39 PM
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So I'm a biased homer when I'm highly critical about the coach?

I know you rarely talk about Frölunda here on HFB, but when you do it's dropping in to various NHL team's prospects threads saying things like player X would be better off if he left Frölunda, and then some other gibberish about the team. Honestly I think it's quite pathetic behaviour, and reflects on how one should value your posts.

And how is it defending the staff when I say that unfortunately they can't afford to fire him? I never wanted Kent Johansson as a coach, I despised it when they signed him and I despise it even more after two seasons with him in control.

I can't remember it, and Collberg may have said that, but there is a big difference between that and you saying other SEL teams and Allsvenskan teams having show interest.

And you sure do put a lot of focus on Erik Karlsson's seven games in Allsvenskan? An 18 year old defenceman weighing 160lbs being sent down after a cold start in the SEL and a career total of ~15 senior games. UNHEARD OF! Maybe you should go to the Sens forum and criticize them for making him play 12 games in the AHL, I mean how could they possibly send him down while adapting to the NHL.

Ok back to topic, yes Karlsson came to Frölunda as a 17 year old after basically not having played any competitive hockey the year before, a critical time for most prospects which he missed out on due to a contract dispute with Södertälje. And here's the fact, in his one season with Frölunda Karlsson went from not being listed in the preliminary rankings to being picked 15th overall.

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