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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Maybe if you join links from indirect channel to indirect channel, but this is categorically false since neither directly accounts for the hundreds of millions of revenue resulting from TV/media deals. Yes, we watch, and yes we pay for cable, but there are too many steps and independent factors involved in between to make such a direction connection/statement.
Ultimately the money comes from the fans. Fans give money to corporations whose products are advertised on the TV streams from which the league gets money. It is extremely straightforward, and I'm shocked you'd dismiss something so rudimentary as "categorically false".

There are zero independent factors in the process -- Every single factor is directly tied to other factors. The number of fans who watch determines how much the advertising spots go for, which determines how much money the league gets for its TV package.

Ultimately, revenues come from fans and taxpayers, with the exception of money-losing owners who pour some of their own cash into the system.

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