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05-10-2006, 11:47 AM
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Uh, a lot of you seem to know very little about the ghetto at Queens.

For starters, the ghetto is not the closest housing to campus. There are a large number of very nice houses that are literally across the street from Queens buildings. The ghetto isn't purely partying either, though there is quite a bit of partying that goes on in the ghetto. Aberdeen is like that, but Aberdeen is really a very small part of the ghetto.

The ghetto isn't as run-down as all that either. I've seen student housing in quite a few cities, and you can get excellent housing in Kingston, inside the supposed ghetto. There are places to avoid, but that's really as easy as looking at the place before you take it. I have friends who are currently living in really nice student housing in and around the ghetto, and are happy there.

As for the nighlife in Kingston, I have to say that it's pretty solid. Especially for a town the size of Kingston. It blows comparably sized cities (like say Kitchener-Waterloo, or Guelph) out of the water. The clubs are average at best, but there are a large number of excellent pubs, and Queens is known for it's parties, especially keggers. I would think that someone from Toronto might have a hard time adjusting, but if you're used to Hamilton you'll probably be ok.

edit: I grew up in Kingston, and went to highschool across the street from Queens campus, incase you're curious what my sources are.

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