Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Sebastian Collberg - 33rd overall
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10-05-2012, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
You're biased because you're critical to the Frölunda coach, but when "outsiders" are having the same opinions, then you're suddently defending him. But don't you worry, everybody that ever read any psychology knows this is a natural behavior as it's some kind of defense-mechanism...
Speaking of psychology, you are clearly delusional. When have I ever defended him?

Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
I really don't talk much about Frölunda. Yes, I've stated that player x would be better off leaving Frölunda a few times. I've also stated the same about several prospects in other teams as well.

However, I've been right a few times about Frölunda prospects:
I said that Calle Klingberg should leave Frölunda, which he did by moving to Timrå...
I said that Lars Eller should leave Frölunda, which he did by moving to the AHL...
I said that Mikkel Boedker should leave Frölunda, which he did by moving to the OHL..
I said that Philip Larsen should leave Frölunda, which he did by moving to the AHL...
I said that Loui Eriksson should leave Frölunda, which he did by moving to the AHL...

I never said anything about Viktor Stålberg, even though he left Frölunda after one (1) year in their junior organization to play in NCAA instead. Good for him.

So it's not like my opinions have been totally crazy and unrealistic... In fact many Frölunda prospects left early which was positive for their careers.
First of all, it would be really neat if you could actually produce any sort of evidence of these supposed sayings of yours.

But to the point;

Klingberg played a whopping 11 games for Timrå after spending his entire junior career with Frölunda. He had a good first season in North America with a short stint in the NHL. I fail to see how that is a bad thing.

Eller was at a PPG pace for the second half of his last season with Frölunda, and our go to guy during this period, then signed with Montreal. So please explain to me how making a big success in the SEL which lead to an NHL contract is a bad thing.

Boedker left for the CHL, he had made his SEL debut and would most likely have been on par with Eller on the depth chart if he had stayed. His development curve wasn't exactly straight upwards after he was drafted, played his first full season in the NHL this past one. Staying in the SEL a year or two might have been a better choice.

Philip Larsen was our best defenceman and logged big minutes, played special teams. Is now an established and promising young NHL defenceman. You point being?

Eriksson had played two full seasons in the SEL before leaving for NA, needed only one year in the AHL before establishing himself in the NHL. Is today one of Sweden's best point producing forwards in the NHL.

Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
As for Erik Karlsson being too bad and too lightweight during his last season in Frölunda... He actually finished the season as a great asset in the SEL playoff when the coach finally realized how good he was, and he played 60 NHL-games during the next season, so I don't think he was THAT bad when Frölunda sent him out on loan to Allsvenskan instead of giving him well-deserved ice time in SEL...
He debuted in the SEL as a 17 year old during the spring, had 7 regular season games under his belt at the start of the next season and was sent to play 7 games with Borås at the start of the season while adjusting to senior hockey. 7 games! You are really grasping at straws here. I followed Karlsson closely both his years here and I can guarantee you that there were transitional problems when he started playing senior hockey, but he was exceptional in learning and improving for every game. He left for the NHL and only needed 12 games in the AHL to adjust, I think you can ask any Sens fans and they'll say that he adjusted very quickly and his third year he goes and wins the Norris. How on earth is that bad development?

Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
When a prospect like Collberg officially states that he'd be interested in a loan move to Allsvenskan, then you don't have to wait for long until clubs are indeed showing interest. Also notice that this is a fact and not speculation.
Unless you can prove that a team in fact has shown interest, it is just that; speculations on your part which you try selling off as fact.

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