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10-05-2012, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
Wow, what jackass remarks by Joe Torre, "We've always had controversy" and "I like the format, it puts emphasis on winning the division, it's exciting"

Hey *******, the Braves were 4 back in their division and the Cards were NINE back. How does that put emphasis on winning your division if you can finish 9 back and steal a game and it's just like you won your division because now you're in the DS?
Because the teams that won their division don't have to deal with a one game playoff. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how far back you are in your division as long as you can nab a wildcard spot. I think this new format is ridiculous as well, but what's really ****ing stupid is how the teams with the best record in the AL/NL have to go on the road for the first 2 games.

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