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10-05-2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
Even if he put his hand up beforehand it still would have been stupid, the ball was fifty feet out in left.

That said, I hate that this is now going to be ammo for the people that don't like the one-game wildcard, especially given the Braves finishing ahead of the Cards by a few games and now losing in this fashion. I think the one-game wildcard is actually one of the better things they've done. You not only put a priority on winning the division but you also give the division winners an actual advantage by making the wild-card team blow its best pitcher, have to travel, etc.

A 94-win team loses out to an 88-win team? Tough, that's the way it bounces (and it's also an abberation given how the WC has shaken out in recent years). I'd rather make it harder for the wild card than for the division winner, especially with how the division races had become a joke in recent years. If anything it was too easy for the Wild Card to be on a par with a division winner, given they were playing playoff baseball going in and the division winner was coasting. At least it ain't like the olden days where a 103-win Giants team missed the playoffs in the last year pre-Wild Card.

One thing that IS stupid is the current 2-3 format for the divisional round though. I hope that's only for this year because of shoehorning the one-game wildcard into the current schedule in Spring Training and they change it back to 2-2-1 next year.
Yeah that's where the left fielder is normally standing. I heard it on the radio live, just saw it now for the first time. Hooooly ****

And I get making it harder for the wild card team than the divisional team, not letting teams coast at the end, whatever. But a 162 game season down to a friggin one game toss up? That makes no sense at all. Especially since the Braves finished all of 4 games behind the best team in baseball who were on cruise control since what, July or August, while the Cards were 9 back on their division.

Originally Posted by King Henrique View Post
Because the teams that won their division don't have to deal with a one game playoff. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how far back you are in your division as long as you can nab a wildcard spot. I think this new format is ridiculous as well, but what's really ****ing stupid is how the teams with the best record in the AL/NL have to go on the road for the first 2 games.
Yeah that new series format is moronic as well. Not shocking from the league that gives home field to the AS winner

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