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Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Most great characters aren't the lead characters of a show. Hell, usually my least favorite character is the lead character...they exist to move the storylines forward. How does a show centered around Ron Swanson work? He actively avoids doing things. It's just a sketch show at that point.

There's nothing wrong with sketch shows...but I like my shows to have depth. Ron Swanson may be my favorite character on television right now (and possibly ever)...but he's about as deep as a wading pool. If you try to make him any deeper than he is then he ceases being Ron Swanson...and Ron Swanson isn't possible without an opposite character to feed off of, ala Leslie Knope.

Originally Posted by bathroomSTAAL View Post
Don't listen to the haters Big. Last night's 30 Rock was one of the best of all time. OF ALL TIME. It's still close to as good as it ever was.
Glad to hear that. I'm just happy that NBC did give them a proper send-off with a 13 episode short-season. Seeing a three-time Best Sitcom Emmy winner outright cancelled without a true ending would have been depressing.

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